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got her start in the world of design at an early age.  The daughter of a Master Carpenter, Audrey spent her childhood pouring over blueprints on the dining room table.  Learning every aspect of building houses from her dad and spending Sunday afternoons carefully inspecting those homes gave Audrey the love of design and the ability to understand the process of creating the home of one’s dreams.  Her father, an old fashioned “frame to finish” carpenter, taught her step by step the process of building a home. 


Also developing at an early age was Audrey’s love of fabrics.  She began designing clothing and started sewing at 8 years old, stitching everything by hand.  At the age of 10 she was given the gift of her first sewing machine from her parents, which set her on a path that she would enjoy and prosper from for the rest of her life.  There was no greater joy than spending afternoons and weekends in fabric shops dreaming up her next creation. As a professional seamstress, Audrey spent many years creating custom wedding gowns for many a Cape Cod bride.

After designing her own home in 2000, Audrey experienced first hand the overwhelming amount of decisions to be made- from the materials being used for construction to selecting the paint colors, the flooring materials, the windows and window treatments, the plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures,  the cabinetry and built-ins, the kitchen design including counter tops, appliances, right down to the knobs on the kitchen cabinets, the placement of furniture and the bedding to be used. 

Though this process had been a personally gratifying one for Audrey, she understood how such a process could seem daunting for a homeowner without her passion and talent for interior design…and so, Audrey's Interiors was born​.

Inside Audrey's Interiors Studio
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